Slim & Shape Bojin Massage


For anyone looking to get into shape and lose weight by treating the root cause. Also suitable for post pregnancy weight loss.

Staying in shape is a top concern for many women, and your spleen meridian could be affecting your weight. The most important factor in maintaining a healthy weight is having a healthy, well-functioning system. Based on TCM, to induce weight loss, a balanced spleen and stomach is essential.

By strengthening the spleen and stomach, the body can better detox, build immunity and cleanse. This increases the rate of metabolism, allowing the body to get rid of excess water and harmful toxins. A strengthened stomach also means healthy bowel movements, which balances consumption by removing waste products.

• 12 Meridian Body Analysis
• Body Composition Analysis
• Signature Bojin Massage Technique

60 mins.

Stomach, arms, butt, thighs, quads, and calves.

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