Our Founding Story

Our founder Dato Icemichelle Chen used to suffer from extremely sensitive skin herself. After being unable to find a cure for it despite years of searching, she left her previous career behind to start her own research in the beauty and skincare industry. Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa Pte Ltd was thus founded in 1999 with the clear objective to make people beautiful – not just externally, but also internally by improving their health.

How We Started

Since then, the spa has been dedicated to providing customers with convenient yet high quality spa services, and an elevated experience with each visit. As a multi-award winning spa, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa continues to be innovative and dedicated in all of our services.​ A master of the treasures from both the East and West, our long lasting results are delivered with a skilful combination of MTM (Meridian Tissue Manipulation) techniques and advanced technical products.

Supreme Boutique Spa — A new chapter

It's official. Singapore’s award-winning spa, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa, unveils an all-new experience at the freshly renovated Bishan headquarters and flagship location, now known as Supreme Boutique Spa — Singapore’s most instagrammable boutique spa.

You Deserve to be Loved

With over 23 years of industry expertise, Supreme Boutique Spa maintains high standards and will offer more than first-class treatments and the best therapists with over 15 years of experience. Staffed by talented, dynamic individuals committed to your well-being, it offers almost any self-care treatment you could imagine.

Ensuring an elevated experience with our highly skilled team.

Offers sophisticated, forward-looking, and highly personalised services.

A refreshing and reimagined beauty spa - unparalleled in Singapore.

Design-driven environment that breaks away from mere form and function.

Singapore's Most Instagrammable Boutique Spa with 23 Years' Expertise

Members and new clients will not only enjoy first-class service throughout their visit but will also be enchanced by the maximalist concept of more is more.

Every element in Supreme Boutique Spa is Instagrammable, including an interactive art wall where you can participate in the creation of art with magnets. "The wall recreates the revolutionary 1880s pointillism painting technique, which evolved from dabs of oil paint to the digital pixels used today," explains Quinn, Chen's daughter, who co-founded the brand with her and currently manages Ice's Secret.

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