A Helping Hand belongs to a Beautiful Heart.

In Supreme Q.X. Spa, we believe that everyone has a part to play in the society.

To commemorate our 20th Anniversary, we want to help our community benefit from our actions. From July – October, we ran a Beauty and Kindness campaign in-house to raise awareness of Sian Chay Medical Institution’s services, and to garner more public support.

A video on our Director’s word on this project from the charity gala dinner.

Supreme Q.X.

Beauty & Kindness Charity Gala Dinner

On October 13, 2019, the “Beauty and Kindness Charity Dinner” was successfully held at the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. The guest of honour was Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Health, Dr Lam Pin Min. Thanks to Ms. Dato’ Icemichelle Chen, Chairman of the Gala Organising Committee for donating $40,000. The dinner raised $284,656 for Sian Chay.

We sincerely hope that the charity online activity “All for Love” can bring universal love to more people, help Sian Chay, expand its scope of to serve the public, and uphold the spirit of Sian Chay to serve the public. We call on and encourage the younger generation to care for society, participate in charity work, do their part to serve the society, and spread universal love, empathy and positive energy.

Her clients include many three-generational families, a testament to the trust her clients have in her services.

Delivering ‘Beauty’ from the Heart

Being in the ‘Beauty’ industry, Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa is honoured to be the first spa in Singapore to co-organise the Beauty and Kindness Charity Gala with Sian Chay Medical Instituition and AEEA, with the support of various media, partners, and friends. We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards Mr Toh and the volunteers and team at Sian Chay for making the night possible.
For 20 years, we deliver ‘Beauty’ from the heart; In 20 years, we share joy and success, friendships and trust; This 20 years, is not without challenges; Through 20 years, we were able to build today’s Supreme Q.X, because of you, and to give back to the society.